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70% SUPER-CLEAN       20% SENSIBLE         10% RELAXED

The 7:2:1 FORMULA is not about counting calories or avoiding food groups. It is a beautifully simple formula for eating:

The body is the most impressive piece of self-healing, self-regulating engineering ever built. 7:2:1 takes into account what our ancestors ate, what we are generationally programmed to eat but unlike paleo, it recognises that we     have adapted since the time of our caveman ancestors. These days it’s not a low-calorie, low-carb, no-carb, grain-free regimen. 7:2:1 has been        adapted to incorporate that little thing we call real life! It’s about listening to our bodies and learning its signs and indications and what they relate to.

7:2:1 is the fuel philosophy which we’ve designed to help you upgrade the quality of your eating habits, without drastic elimination diets and calorie-counting. You’ll reset your body’s hunger triggers, cut addictions and listen to what your body naturally tells you.

Quality nutrition is such an integral part of whether you succeed or not in so many different areas of your life.
Eat Smart. Sleep better. Think better. Be better.


7:2:1 is a sustainable way of eating, one that doesn’t avoid any food groups. It’s not a diet; it’s a redesign of your eating habits to help improve your lifestyle. It’s both sensible and realistic, designed with real life in mind.

Citrus Fruits
  • Super-clean meals have a balance of protein with carbohydrates from salad and vegetables and good anti-inflammatory fats.

  • Nothing that has been processed, refined or comes out of a machine before you get to it.

  • Based on 21 meals per week, 15 meals per week fall into this category, enjoy meals such as grilled Steak or Salmon with pumpkin mash and roasted veggies.

  • Add five super-clean snacks a week like our delicious mini Zucchini Frittatas.

Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • This is where you can have your comfort foods but be sensible and swap some ingredients to limit processed foods.

  • 4 meals a week can incorporate some carbohydrates from grains, such as Thai beef and vermicelli salad.

  • There are still plenty of vegetables and good fats.

  • 1 snack per week can incorporate grains like our yummy Pumpkin, Spinach and Feta Muffins.

Wedding Cake
  • This is where you get to choose whatever you like!

  • 2 main meals a week or less than 10 per cent of what you put in your mouth.

  • It could be French toast or a pizza with a glass of good wine.

  • You’ve got free rein for 1 snack per week as well.

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